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Healthcheck: New cataract laser

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Barbara Delise is 75-years-old and going strong.

She's going even stronger now that she had cataract surgery.

Her cloudy vision was clouding her team's favorites scores.

"I couldn't even tell on the TV what the Thunder's score was, without asking somebody," she said.

Barbara had cataract surgery with a laser brand-new to Oklahoma City.

It's the first of its kind here in the metro.

Dr. Darrell Pickard said it makes a big difference.

"So we can make the incisions very precise, the exact same size, the exact same architecture every time with the laser."

Dr. Pickard said it makes surgery time shorter and is more safe and the benefits don't end there.

"The biggest benefits to the patient are that we can precisely treat not only the cataract, which is the cloud that is blocking their vision, but we can treat their actual prescription so we can eliminate as much as possible their need for glasses."

A win-win situation for patients like Barbara.

"I can see the scores good,  I can see the little clock on the tv good. I feel like I'm 20 again."

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