Night Road Conditions

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OKLAHOMA CITY - As night unfolds all eyes were on the roads to see what would happen.

The metro had mostly rain with snow from time to time.

County Commissioner Brian Maughan said they are playing their cards very carefully.

"We are on standby to see if there are freezing temperatures which will cause glazing over on the streets we're also very worried about black ice tonight and we have several crews that are on split shifts. We are loaded up and ready to go.  We've been out spot checking intersections and bridges."

Maughan said that they are aware that Oklahoma weather is fickle and storms can be costly.

"There is already the cost of the overtime that goes with the crews working 24 hour shifts, but it also helps when we don't have to expend all the sand and salt we have in this dump truck. "

City crews will continue to monitor the streets into the morning to make sure the work needed gets done.