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Parents beat Apple at own game

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NEW YORK (CNN)—If your child likes to play on your iPhone, Apple may owe you money.

The company just settled a lawsuit that was filed by parents who say their children downloaded free games from the mobile App Store and then purchased in-game extras.

Under the proposed settlement, Apple will offer a $5 iTunes gift card to any U.S. parent who claims that their child paid for extras without their knowledge.

The company will also offer larger credits or refunds for people who can show that their bills were higher than $5 in a 45-day period.

The proposed settlement, first reported by Law360 and GigaOM, does not state how much Apple will pay overall or how many users are affected.

If you want to cash in on the deal, Apple will create a separate website for settlements and send an email to roughly 23 million customers.

On Friday, the deal will head to a federal judge for approval.