Snow misses metro, nails northwestern Okla.

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CLINTON, Okla. - The winter storm just missed the metro but it was a different story for those in west-central Oklahoma.

That area got hammered with the snow and ice.

“I've seen cars covered with snow all the way to their doors," stranded traveler Anthony Rodriguez said. "I've seen semis flipped over. It is just terrible. There is no way to get through.”

The temperature in Clinton plummeted into the 20s Tuesday morning which created an icy mess over parking lots and side streets.

“There is no way you can drive through here,” Rodriguez said.

For many folks in western and northern Oklahoma, they lost electricity during the peak of the storm.

“It just got to be so heavy that the lines started breaking," Clinton resident Jimmie Johnson said. "In town it went off and on. We live in the country and live about three miles away. It just went off and on. There is no coming back on.”

There is a silver lining to this powerful storm; most areas picked up more than an inch of much-needed water.

“It was wonderful for the wheat crop and grasses,” Johnson said. “We have no sub moisture and not a lot in the ponds. This is great for the sub moisture.”

Clinton picked up more than six inches of snow.