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Teen goes above and beyond for chance at a job

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INDIANAPOLIS—With thousands of Americans out of work, you would think some people would do just about anything for a job.

A young man in Indianapolis was among the unemployed in this country but was doing everything he could to find a job.

He even walked through the snow and rain to get to a job interview.

That job interview was at a thrift shop nearly 10 miles away.

Jhaqueil Reagan said, “I’m out there every day trying to make a dollar.”

Little did he know that a simple walk through a restaurant’s parking lot would be the turning point in his job search.

Art Bouvier, owner of Papa Roux restaurant, said, “He just says, ‘Excuse me. Can you tell how far it is to 10th and Sherman?’ I said, ‘Buddy, that’s about six or seven miles to 10th and Sherman.’ I fully expected the next question was, ‘Can you give me some money for the bus?’ And it wasn’t, he just kept walking.”

Nearly 20 minutes later Bouvier was driving and spotted Jhaqueil still walking toward his destination.

He offered the 18-year-old a ride and was soon convinced that their meeting was no accident.

Bouvier said, “It was destiny. He says, ‘Well, I have an interview at a thrift store.’ I said, ‘An interview at a thrift store? You’re walking 10 miles in the ice and snow to an interview at a thrift store?’ I just got thinking that’s a good work ethic.”

He took Jhaqueil’s number and called him just a few hours later to offer him a job at his restaurant.

Bouvier was so impressed with Jhaqueil’s work ethic that he ended up posting the story of their chance meeting on Facebook.

Now, regular customers are offering to buy the teen a bus pass so he can get to his new job.

Reagan said, “I get my work ethic from my dad. He’s worked his fingers to the bone all his life.”