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Firefighters save parrot in Piedmont house fire

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PIEDMONT, Okla. -  As a house fire raged Wednesday, first responders managed to help save a family pet, a parrot trapped it its cage as the house went up in flames.

"I didn't even think about the bird and then when I did, there was just no going back, there wasn't any going back in," homeowner Ty Brown said.

He also said he's relieved all his family and animals made it out of the fire safe.

"There's a Schnauzer, there's an Amazon parrot and two little Yorkies."

Firefighters managed to contain the fire to one area of the house, a welcome end to an emergency that looked pretty bad when captured on video by Bob Moore Chopper 4.

"Minimal damage to the rest of the structure but heavy damage to the garage and kitchen areas," fire chief Andy Logan said.

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