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Superman fan fights off car wash caper

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PURCELL, Okla. - One look around Chris Hensley's Nissan Frontier and it's clear he is fascinated with Superman.

The stickers, seat covers and floor mats are a dead giveaway.

"I'm just a big comic book fan," he said. "I have Superman everything."

Little did Chris know, he'd need his own "super powers" to fend off a mysterious mugger at a self-serve car wash in Purcell.

Hensley said. "It went so fast I didn't have time to get scared."

It was around 6:30 p.m. when a stranger approached Chris, asking for money. Purcell car wash

When Chris said "no" the man pulled out a six-inch knife and went after Hensley.

Chris fought back.

"I put him against the wall in the bay, poked his eye out and broke his throat, that's it, he dropped," Chris said.

The knife-wielding robber got up and ran away.

Police said, based on all the blood they found here at the car wash, he is in desperate need of medical attention.

Purcell police said they are checking for the injured suspect the local hospital and minor emergency clinics but haven't found him yet.

Chris's reaction may have saved his life but he takes no pleasure in injuring the bad guy.

"I don't feel like a hero, I feel sorry for the guy; he's pretty hurt," he said.

Purcell police describe the suspect as a black male, about 6 feet tall with short hair. 

He'll likely turn up at a hospital for treatment of his injured left eye.