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Truck buried in snow drift in burns flat

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BURNS FLAT, Okla. - Monday was not a good day to be maneuvering the roads in some parts of Oklahoma.

Tanner Holman and his buddy, Shane Todd, got stuck on a back road near Burns Flat.

"I've never seen anything that deep," Holman said. "I mean, there was 10-foot drifts on that same road."

They had to abandon their truck and have someone pick them up.

"As the day went on, me and Tanner decided to go back out in the country and just see how deep the snow was up the sides of the pickup," Todd said.

The next day, on the way to dig out their truck, they spotted another one along the side of the road.

They could just barely make out part of a window, the side mirror and the top of the antenna.

It was another truck completely buried in a snow drift. Truck burried in snow

"It was just so crazy, that truck underneath the snow like that, because Tanner's like, 'There's a pickup.' I was like, 'whoa,'" Todd said.

Todd called his brother, an EMT, fearing someone could be inside the vehicle.

"We continued to go ahead and dig and we tried to get the door open, door was locked," Todd's brother, Eric Dominguez, said. "We was able to get a flashlight to see inside, there was nobody in there, thank God," 

Todd realized the truck belonged to fellow Burns Flat high school senior, Josh Goeringer.

"It got pretty white on the road I turned on and I hit a slick spot, fishtailed from the back end, just right into the drift," Goeringer said, speaking of when his truck got stuck.

Goeringer said he'd spent a good hour trying to get himself out while snow blew over him and his truck.

"Every time I got back in the truck, practically freezing, I looked like the abominable snowman," Goeringer said.

Someone eventually came out to rescue Goeringer but Wednesday afternoon, his truck remained firmly lodged.

He said when he went back out to look at his truck there was a large hole in the side, like a tractor might have hit it.

He said it does have more than 200,000 miles on it, so it might be time for a new car.