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Parents say bus route puts children in danger

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Amy Page and her family moved to Francis St. in south Oklahoma City earlier this month from east Texas.

Amy said she had no idea what awaited her family, a busy route her son must take to get to the closet elementary school.

To get there, the 8-year-old boy must cross 59th St.

"It's a four lane, actually four lane and a turning lane that they're wanting to cross over," Page said.

Oklahoma City Public Schools does not offer bus service to the Parmelee Elementary School students who live on Amy's St.

To get to school, the kids have to walk, or have their parents drop them off.

Amy said the situation is unfair, inconvenient and unsafe.

"There's no sidewalks," she said. "There is nothing that is safe for them to walk and especially, they're not even the right age for them to walk or be by themselves and walking. The way that I look at it, they're not old enough to stay home by themselves, so why should they walk to school by themselves?"

She's not the only upset parent on this street.

As a number of parents pointed out, a school bus even drives down Francis St. every day but doesn't stop.

"As you can tell, there's nothing here," parent Russell McKinney said. "It needs to be taken care of, something needs to be done, it needs to be improved."

That quest may not be so easy.

Oklahoma City schools gave us this written response:

"The Oklahoma City Public School Board of Education policy states that the district shall provide transportation to students who live more than 1 ½ miles from their school. We wish we could transport every child in the district but limited human resources and finances prevent us from doing that."