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Residents upset after trees trimmed, cut down

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PIEDMONT, Okla. - A community is coming forward after they came home Wednesday to find several of their neighborhood trees chopped down.

OG&E officials said they are doing it for the sake of electricity but residents said they wanted a warning.

Just a stump now sits in Stacy Gray's yard.

A large Elm tree used to be there but she came home from work to find it chopped down.

"I was like, 'Where the heck did my tree go,'" Gray said. "I was real disappointed. My kids liked to play on it and it provided shade."

One by one, trees fell around the community on Hefner Rd. and Sara Rd.

Valerie Boudreaux said she was almost arrested when she came home to find crews sawing down her neighborhood. Piedmont trees cut OGandE

"I was trying to stand in this area until I got a hold of someone to see if they could stop cutting the trees down and police arrived before anyone called back and asked me to leave or be arrested," she said. "So I had to step away form the area."

OG&E said Canadian County gave it permission to cut down the trees because they can cause hazards when they get too close to the power lines.

"If something does happen, it can cause a fire," OG&E Spokesperson Kathleen O'Shea said. "We really try to keep them out because they are kind of weed trees, we're talking hack berries and elms, we try to take them out."

The trees are county property but residents wanted them.

"Now we're going to lose privacy," Michael Page said.

"It makes the neighborhood looked scalped, unattractive. People that live here are now going to have more sound. Traffic noises are going to be a problem," Boudreaux said.

While OG&E said it was electricity or the trees, residents feel more could have been done in favor of the foliage.

"If it's a problem with the wires, they should get them trimmed or cut them down a little bit not take them to the stump," Gray said.

OG&E's policy is to prune trees if possible before cutting them down.

In this case, the company said the trees grow too fast.