One dead in officer-involved shooting at OKC gas station

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OKLAHOMA CITY - One man is dead after an Oklahoma City police officer shot him Friday afternoon.

Oklahoma City police confirm a plain-clothed officers shot and killed a man outside a metro convenience store near West Wilshire and Northwest Expressway.

Police have identified the man killed by the officer as Marcus Dwayne Patterson, a 35 year old male. Two other passengers in the car, Dillan Wheeler and Dylan Robinson, both 20 years old, were taken into custody and are being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on charges of first degree murder.

The shooting all began when police witnessed an alleged drug deal.

Officers first responded to the area after getting complaints of drug dealing.

"They observed what they believed to be a narcotics transaction and they approached the individual in a parking lot and identified themselves as police officers," OKC Police Capt. Dexter Nelson said. "The individual drove towards the officers."

Suspect's car in officer-involved shooting

Suspect's car in officer-involved shooting

After the suspect allegedly hit one of the officers with the car, police shot the driver to death.

Police say Patterson was driving the car that struck the officer, rolling him on the hood. They also discovered a 9mm handgun in his waistband.

"A car can be a dangerous weapon, it's a large weapon," Nelson said. "If someone comes toward you, that's dangerous act in and of itself."

The shooting left the victim's friends overwhelmed with emotion.

"He's gone," one woman said. "I just talked to him. He's gone!"

Several people who live in the area criticized the officer who pulled the trigger.

"In my eyes, the officer was not justified,"Angel Russell said. "There's no reason that man had to die at the hands of someone supposed to be protecting us."

"They didn't see no gun, they just shot him; that's wrong," Orlando Thomas said.