Great State: Momentum Kelp Art

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- You don't have to hold your breath inside this art installation but you might feel like it.

Think kelp forest off the Pacific Coast of California and artist Erin Latham says you'll be close to what she wants you to feel while 'swimming' through.

"Exactly," she chuckles. "I want to get in your space, and sort of force you to face it."

She started out as a print artist but Erin got a little frustrated with the two dimensional, wood-block artifacts she learned to produce at college.

"Being a print maker you tend to stay in the flat paper world, and the archival, and things that will last forever." says Latham.

While at school, she missed home and the Oklahoma countryside so she printed out a forest of trees and invited people to 'hike' through.

This installation has the same idea. It just goes a lot deeper.

"You take immersion to a whole new level," observes a visitor.

"Yeah," chuckles Erin. "Absolutely. The idea is to make the viewer step outside themselves and see something, or experience something they haven't ever done before."

There is printing here, onto sheets of brown butcher paper then hung on ropes.

The ceiling is thrift store bed sheets bathed in colorful lights.

It's hard to believe this used to be the back room of a clothing store at 50 Penn Place, but that's what immersive art is designed to do.

The Momentum art show is designed to let young artists explore outside the formal wood frames of the two dimensional.

The Oklahoma City Momentum art show is March 1st and 2nd at 50 Penn Place. The show is organized through the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Tickets are $10 pre-order or $15 at the door.