High schoolers take “dare” to new heights for military families

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EDMOND, Okla. - The idea was born from the saying "double dog dare you..."

That soon blossomed into “Double Wolf Dare Week” at Edmond Santa Fe high school.

Friday was the big reveal; how a group of students came together to help the families of fallen soldiers.

High-profile members of the Oklahoma military community like Gen. Rita Aragon were on hand at the Edmond school Friday to say thank you.

All week the students and faculty have been raising money for warriors of freedom, a group dedicated to helping our returning veterans and the families who won’t have someone returning.

They knocked on doors of homes and businesses and collecting what they could.

When the totals were in, it showed over $251,000 for the Warriors for Freedom charity; a labor of love greatly appreciated.

The total included a $100,000 donation from a Chicago financial institution that said they were moved to donate after finding out about the students' efforts.