Sinkhole swallows Florida home, one man missing

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SEFFNER, Fla.—Authorities say a Florida man is missing after a sinkhole swallowed part of his house and is likely dead.

The 36-year-old man was sleeping in his bedroom when the hole suddenly opened underneath his room.

Chief Ron Rogers, Hillsborough County Fire Department, said, “The Bush family was in the house behind us. They heard a sound that they described as a car crash emanating from the bedroom in the back of the house. They rushed in; all they could see was part of a mattress sticking out of the hole. Essentially the floor of that room had opened up.”

The man’s brother tried to rescue him but he was unsuccessful.

Rescue crews used sensitive listening equipment in the hole but did not hear anything.

Officials believe the man is dead but say they won’t be able to confirm that until the area is deemed safe and rescue crews can locate his body.

Chief Rogers said, “The problem we have right now is we just don’t know how stable the house is. So until we know that, we don’t know what our options are.”

Three adults and a child were also in the house but escaped unharmed.

The sinkhole is about 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep.