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Toddler saved off snowy rooftop by Good Samaritan

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NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y.—Authorities in upstate New York say a Good Samaritan is credited with rescuing an 18-month-old child who climbed out onto the roof of a home.

Amber Haley said, “I heard a little noise from across the street. It sounded like a squeal so I looked up and there was a child on the roof.”

The toddler climbed outside the second floor window of a house about 50 yards away from Haley’s home.

She said, “He was like walking around and moving. Then he slipped a couple times and I screamed a couple times and then I started screaming for help.”

Antwan Moore heard Haley screaming and bolted across the street.

He said, “Seeing the baby, I thought about my son being up there on that roof, did what I had to do.”

Moore climbed onto the snowy roof with the help of someone who happened to be in the area.

He grabbed the baby, who was only wearing socks and a diaper, covered him with a sweatshirt to keep warm and calmly waited for help to arrive.

Moore said, “Seemed longer than that but it was like 10 minutes until first responders got there.”

Earl Bass, Niagara Falls Fire Department, said, “To go up without a ladder and to get up there and secure that child the way that he did, I tip my hat to him.”

Police say the boy’s father was sleeping when a 4-year-old opened the window before the boy climbed outside.

Authorities say the boy was taken to a local hospital for observation.