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Family gets fallen soldier’s K9 back

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MINCO, Okla. - It's a happy ending to a story we've been following for more than a month now.

At Monday night's Minco city council meeting, the council voted to accept a bid and award a former police K9 to a widow who lost her husband in Afghanistan.

Mycal Prince died while serving in the National Guard in Afghanistan in 2011.

Prince was the K9 officer for the city of Minco and Bayca was his dog.

After Prince's death, Bayca went to a new handler with Minco's police department but that handler ended up resigning.

That's when Surana Prince, Mycal Prince's widow, offered to buy the dog for $10,000.

But the city said by law, Bayca was city property and surplus city property has to be bid out.

So Prince submitted her bid and on Monday night's city council meeting, the council voted 5-2 to accept the lone bid of $1,000.

"We were extremely happy," family friend Dee Ann Davis said. "We had prayed and hoped and for months that this would come to an end."

Prince and her two young daughters were reunited outside city council chambers.

"All I can say is thank God because this dog means so much to me and my kids," Surana Prince said. "They made something like this into something that it shouldn't have been."

The city attorney said the city council followed the law.

"I know some people disagreed about whether or not the dog should be considered property but it is," city attorney Gene Christian said. "So for it to be disposed of, once declared surplus, it has to be put out for bid and the bids were let and the bid was received and the bid was honored."

The community had rallied around Prince and her daughters, even raised money for her to pay whatever was needed for the dog.

In the end, Prince said Bayca will be where she belongs.

"She's a part of my husband and we struggle every day missing him and she just that just kind of pieces our family back together," Prince said.