Thunder holds on to beat Clippers in final minute

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LOS ANGELES—While the Thunder were able to hold on for a nail-biting finish against the Clippers, it showed fans that no lead is ever safe.

Sunday’s game was really a game of two halves.

The first half, the Oklahoma City Thunder dominated on both sides of the court and built a 13 point lead in the process.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 37 points while the Thunder defense forced 16 Clippers turnovers.

Just as impressive, the Thunder forced one of the league’s best offenses into 2-for-11 shooting from the 3-point line.

At half, Oklahoma City led 54-41 but that was all about to change with one simple move by Los Angeles.

The Clippers changed their defense from man-to-man to zone in the third quarter.

Throughout the next two quarters, the Thunder’s dominating lead was erased.

With a little more than one minute to go in the game, the Clippers took a 101 to 100 point advantage.

The Thunder ramped up their game, going on a 5-0 run by spreading the ball around the court and attacking the Clippers zone defense.

The Thunder won the game 108-104.

There is no time to relax as they prepare for a battle against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Chesapeake Arena on Tuesday.