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Toddler cured of HIV virus

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BATSON, Miss.—A 2-year-old Mississippi girl has been cured of HIV and now researchers are looking at her case to help others battling the disease.

The newborn was brought to Batson Children’s Hospital shortly after her birth just over two years ago.

She was tested and found to be infective with HIV.

Doctors there gave her a drug cocktail when she was just 30 hours old and kept her on a strict regimen.

However, at 18-months-old, her mother stopped bringing her to the appointments and ended the treatments.

When she was eventually brought back to the hospital, doctors say they were shocked at her tests.

She had been “functionally cured,” meaning the virus’ presence is so small she won’t need lifelong treatment.

It also means that standard clinical tests can’t detect the virus in the blood.

Dr. Hannah Gay, Pediatrict HIV specialist, said, “This is the first case where actual infection has been documented and then lost later.”

Doctors say this case was rare because of several factors.

They do not know what this means in terms of repeating the results for other babies born with HIV.