Changes coming to keep kids safe in school

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OKLAHOMA CITY—After studying the safety of Oklahoma school children for weeks on end, the Oklahoma Commission on School Security has a few changes in mind that will keep tragedies out of the classroom

The commission was formed after the Newtown school shooting last December.

“The members of this commission sacrificed their time and provided their expertise to this very important issue,” said Lt. Governor Todd Lamb.  “As parents we want all children to do well academically, but our first priority is for our children, our students to be safe and secure during their school day.  No policy can prevent evil from occurring, but our hope is that these recommendations will mitigate and lessen the potential of future large-scale school violence.”

The Oklahoma Commission on School Security was given until March deadline to come up with changes that could be placed in bills this legislative session.

The group came up with the following recommendations:

  • Formation of the Oklahoma School Security Institute.
  • Establish a Mental Health First Aid Training Pilot Program.
  • Amend and change state law to consolidate and require safety drills.
  • Require the reporting of firearms found on school property to local law enforcement.
  • Establish a school security tip line.

The 22 members selected to be part of the Oklahoma Commission on School Security represented various backgrounds including homeland security, local police, local school personnel, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and mental health professionals.

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