Residents angry over construction delays, safety

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OKLAHOMA CITY - If you've driven down May Ave. in northwest Oklahoma City, you've probably weaved through the construction stretching from 164th St. to 178th St.

It was supposed to be completed in Dec. and now residents are ready for the work to stop on the one-mile length of construction.

The plan was to complete it in nine months but Dave Sears have been battling this for 11 months now.

"I'm concerned with accidents and ultimately the waste of city money and time," Sears said.

The $2.1-million project aims to widen the road for a growing population but Public Works Director Eric Wenger said things haven't gone as planned.

"Unfortunately, in this case, there was one AT&T line that was not located where we thought it was and it had to be relocated before we could finish the work," Wenger said.

Even with delays, residents said they feel the construction could move faster.

They argue that often times equipment is empty and workers are no where to be seen in the construction zone.

"If they would just get on the ball and get it done, I'd be fine with it," Robert Jernigan said. "But they've not done anything really since Christmas."

Jernigan said they delays have cost him business; he owns a wine shop next to the work zone.

"When they have it completely messed up about half of our business completely goes away," Jernigan said. "I've had a lot of customers tell me, 'we just drive by.'"

The city said the contractors are within the time limit and will be done in two months.

The delays in the project have not caused the cost of the construction to rise at this point.

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