Fake bishop booted from Vatican

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VATICAN CITY (CNN)—While hundreds of cardinals met at the Vatican Tuesday, an imposter stole the show.

Officials say Ralph Napierski, a German self-declared bishop who called himself “Basilius,” said he was with the “Italian Orthodox Church.”

According to CNN, he wore a purple scarf over his robe and mingled with cardinals, shook hands and even posed for pictures.

Before he could getting into the meeting, Napierski was grabbed by the Swiss Guards according to the Telegraph.

Authorities say his outfit ultimately gave him away.

His cassock was too short, the crucifix around his neck was different and the purple scarf should have been red.

He also wore a fedora, which stood out among the other capped heads.

CNN says the imposter runs several internet sites and claims to be “fighting the Heresy and false movements inside the Roman Catholic Church.”

For more information, visit CNN.

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