Teen skier found alive after missing for two days

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Courtesy: WHDH

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine– A 17-year-old skier who went missing two days ago was found early Tuesday morning by a firefighter.

Nicholas Joy was reported missing by his father Sunday afternoon after he did not meet up with the family at a designated location.

Rescuers searched for the teen throughout the evening as temperatures dropped into the mid-20s.

Authorities had to call off the search a couple of times when visibility dropped down to zero.

WHDH reports that a Massachusetts firefighter decided to join the search after hearing about the missing teen.

The man found Joy about four miles away from the resort.

Officials say the teen sheltered himself from the freezing wind and snow by building a snow cave when he realized he was lost.

Authorities say he heard rescuers but was too far away to get back to where they were.

Tuesday, he followed the sounds of snowmobiles and came across footprints in the snow.

He followed that trail to the snowmobile area and was spotted by the firefighter after walking about a mile and a half.

Authorities say Joy stayed hydrated by drinking water from a stream.

He is said to be in good condition and is being evaluated for possible hypothermia.

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