WWII airman targeted by thieves

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DETROIT—A former Tuskegee airman and war hero becomes the victim of thieves in broad daylight.

Jesse Rutledge, 89, is a decorated war hero who fought through World War II and was fortunate enough to not suffer any injuries.

However, just this week he was fearful for his life.

He has owned a successful barber shop in Detroit most of his life.

Monday, he became something no one wants to be, a crime victim.

Rutledge said, “They put the gun right up to my face, right up there, so I just did what he said.”

A group of teens had been hiding in a nearby abandoned building and made their move as Rutledge left his store.

He said, “Give me your keys, give me your keys.”

The thieves took off in Rutledge’s ride, barely tall enough to see over the wheel.

The scene left the man who thought he had seen it all in the City of Detroit speechless.

Rutledge said, “I couldn’t imagine somebody would do that, that small.”

The crime has the 89-year-old scared to go back to the business he loves.

He said, “I don’t know whether I want to go back there or not. I don’t know cause I know if I go back there, I’ll think about the situation I was in.”

Authorities say four teenagers, ranging in age from 13 to 16-years-old, are facing charges for the carjacking.

They are scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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