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Big House draws big crowds for tournament

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Thousands of fans are gathered at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds  for the state basketball tournament.

Ernest Edwards, a Roland Rangers fan, said,“We would like to take that gold ball home.”

Lyden McDonald is a boy with big dreams who said he hopes to play basketball in the Big House someday.

He and his team, the Roland Rangers, traveled about three hours to get to this year's tournament.

When asked about the arena, he said, "It's big!"

Fans can tell you the tournament is always exciting but said it's how everyone comes together that really makes it special.

Jake Beaver said, "This'll be the first time we've ever been down here."

His wife said, "It's been really fun; it's been a nice getaway."

For many fans, it's not all about winning.

Although, they said that would make the experience even sweeter.

“We come every year now whether our team makes it or not," Edwards said. "It’s a great atmosphere.”

The tournament gives small towns across the state a reason to gather under one roof.

Beaver said, "That's the best thing about it, hometown atmosphere."

Tyrone Lott said, "It’s good for the state to bring all the classes together and play the game of basketball.”

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