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IYC Update: Classic Car Confusion

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NEWCASTLE, OKLA. - Our In Your Corner team helps reunite an Oklahoma woman with her classic car.

Cindy Jenkins is still reeling from her rough ride.

“I lost my parents eleven months a part. My nephew died the next year. He was killed,” she said. “The year after that, my oldest sister passed away, three of them from cancer.”

That makes retrieving her '55 dodge station wagon all the more essential.

It was her dad's and grandfather's.

She paid Goodhue to restore the antique car.

For a while now she's been at odds Rod Goodhue, the guy she hired to restore it.

When negotiations stalled, Cindy asked us to intervene.

Unfortunately disputes over cash and the original quote caused the business deal to skid.

Thursday, after weeks of working to mediate, our efforts paid off! Cindy was reunited with her classic Dodge.

“Exciting,” she said. “Speechless.”

Rod tells the In Your Corner team when he agreed to fix up the car, he didn't realize the extent of the damage.

“The rust on the car, it's pretty bad,” he said. “Nice old car, but it's more sentimental than anything I think.”

What Goodhue didn't spend on repairs he refunded back to Cindy.

Cindy envisions the day she revs up her Dodge classic's engine for the first time.

What a first road trip that will be.

“It's all because of you,” Cindy said. “I don't think I would be here with this car if it had been for you. I really appreciate it.”