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Oklahomans bracing for sequester cuts

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Some employees with the Oklahoma National Guard are bracing for the sequester cuts.

Staff Sgt. Marcus Hopkins works in human resources for the Oklahoma National Guard in Oklahoma City.

Hopkins said he was notified that his pay will be cut 20 percent.

"I have three kids, a wife and I'm the sole income," Staff Sgt. Hopkins said. "With this sequester, it just hit home.”

Those in the Oklahoma National Guard won't face pay cuts but some who are employed with the guard, like Staff Sgt. Hopkins, will notice a difference in their paychecks.

Starting in April, Hopkins and other employees will take a furlough day once a week until September.

Chavette Roberson and her husband will both lose a chunk of their paychecks.

They're now looking for ways to cut back so they don’t have to dip into their savings.

"Maybe get some extra work somewhere and go from there," Roberson said.

Those affected by the sequester have been notified.

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