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New device makes using phone impossible behind wheel

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When you get in this car you'll have to put your cell phone down before you'll be able to go anywhere.

It's all because of this small device called Origo Safe invented by Clay Skelton.

"So when you get in the car and you try and start the car, as long as the phone is in your hand, you can't start car,” Skelton said.

The ignition interlock system can be installed in any type of vehicle and can be programmed to work with several types of phones.

If your phone isn't on the dock, your car won't start.

If you remove it, an alarm goes off and you'll need a passcode to start your car again.

Skelton said he came up with the idea after hearing about so many tragic accidents involving cell phones and distracted driving.

He starting thinking about a solution, how to keep the drivers focused on driving rather than talking or texting.

"It's a problem,” Shelton said. “It's the number one killer on the roads today in the United States so to be part of the solution to that and to come up with something that really works well and it's non-intrusive and it's intuitive and easy to use, it's a good feeling."

Already, director of sales, Cheryl Lynch said the device is catching the attention of both parents of young drivers and trucking companies.

"Our main goal is to have our drivers come home safely at night to their families and that's what we want to do also, is give them a solution that allows that to happen,” Lynch said.

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