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World watching chimney during papal conclave

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VATICAN CITY – The papal conclave is underway and all eyes are on that chimney above  the Sistine Chapel, waiting for that first sign of smoke to tell us whether a new pope has been elected.

A sudden downpour in Rome marked the beginning of the conclave at 115 cardinals headed to the Sistine Chapel for their first vote.

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan said in his daily radio broadcast that the weather may be a sign.

“Maybe this gentle Roman rain is a sign of the grace of the Holy Spirit coming upon us,” he said. “You just see the gentle movement of the breeze of the Holy Spirit and the closer you get, the more you get settled in your mind.”

Settled on naming one of the cardinals from the morning’s mass as the next worldwide leader of the Catholic Church.

Who will the next pope be?

Originally American were counted out with recent trouble of scandal in the states.

Now, there’s plenty of speculation that a man from our country may be the next religious leader.

“Americans can get things done,” Father Robert Barron said. “Also American, the American cardinals, Sean O’Malley comes very much to mind has been dealing with the sex abuse crisis for a long time so they have that know how.”

Seeking a reformer, a shepherd, a CEO, the electors are now in total seclusion until they have an answer and a smoke signal from the chimney.

NBC’s Tracie Potts contributed to this report.

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