Mall meltdown ends in nude scuffle

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A shopping trip at the Penn Square Mall ended in a meltdown in the parking lot Tuesday evening.

A woman ended up being stripped from the waist down by a security guard.

"I'm embarrassed, I'm humiliated, I'm just shamed," the woman said, whose pants were pulled down.

She was so ashamed she didn't want to be identified.

"I was shocked," Jonaye Stafford said. "I don't understand. Why did he take it that far to pull off her pants?"

The blowout began when Stafford said she and a friend were escorted out by mall security; they were accused of shoplifting.

Stafford said they did not steal and were leaving like they were told.

"We don't have nothing," Stafford said. "You don't have no proof. We already showed you everything in our bag. What's the point? Leave us alone."

Outside, it got heated.

They got in their car with the woman who eventually lost her pants but said security proceeded to bang on their windows with handcuffs.

"I went back and forth so he couldn't hit my windows but when I finally couldn't go no more is when he got the chance to break out the back window," the driver said.

Mall management said the guard was almost run over, prompting him to grab the driver whose pants were pulled off.

We contacted several attorneys about the incident.

They said banging on windows in the parking lot seemed to exceed the scope of what security guards are allowed to do.

"It was wrong," Stafford said. "You don't have no right to pull her pants off. If anything, call the police."

"If anybody did anything, was stealing, you all came out and acted a fool," the woman said. "That's no lesson to teach people, to hurt people."

After the incident was over, police did not arrest anyone outside the mall.

Mall management saw the video and sent us this written statement:

"It is unfortunate that a series of events, which started as an investigation into an alleged shoplifting, escalated to this point. We are fully cooperating with the police as they continue their investigation."


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