College locked down for reports of gun shots in area

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An off-campus shooting near Oklahoma City University put the school on lockdown Tuesday night.

The shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. in the 1900 block of N.W. 29th St., a few blocks from the school.

When police arrived at the scene, they found nothing but a few empty shell casings.

Campus officials acted with one thought in mind, to keep everyone safe.

A series of text and e-mails instantly went out to the entire student body.

"I really like the text messages and emails that automatically come to everyone's phone," OCU senior Isaiah Calhoun said.

As a resident assistant in a dorm, he said the warnings make his job easier.

“We have to make sure everyone stays inside," he said.

Students who live on campus were urged to stay inside with their doors locked until the “all clear” signal was given.

Tori Hoffmeister was at rehearsal in the theater when the campus was locked down.

"We were just in rehearsal for the spring show so we just had to stay in the theater,” she said. “Some people were scared but I didn't think the police would let him get on campus."

Other students didn't even hear about the lockdown until the next morning.

"I was a little surprised," Anna Stovall said. "I was inside doing homework."

Social media also played a big part in getting the word out to keep students safe.

Stovall said, "I logged onto Facebook and saw statuses from friends and classmates about 'everybody stay inside! Don't go out! There's an armed guy on campus, we're in lockdown!'"

Despite the scare, many say this doesn't shake their confidence in the safety of the campus.

"It's a pretty well-kept campus,” OCU employee Willie Butler said. “Everyone's nice here. I love it. I've been here five years and I love everybody.”

"Throughout my three years here I have felt pretty safe," Stovall said.

Campus officials lifted the school lockdown an hour after it was issued and students were alerted by e-mail.

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