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Woman climbs through store ceiling to escape arrest

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police arrested a couple believed to be connected to recent stolen delivery packages.

Krisitie and Travis Parsons already had warrants out for their arrest when they were spotted at a gold shop in Oklahoma City.

Workers became suspicious of the items the couple was trying to pawn so they called police.

An officer spotted them at a convenience store on the 4400 block of S. High.

"When the officer asked the man if he was Travis Parsons, he lied and said no," OKC Police Sgt. Jennifer Warldlow said. "The officer did confirm that's who it was. Then we turned our attention to finding the female, his wife. We learned that she walked into the store."

Apparently Kristie made a bee line for the bathroom.

A store clerk said, "The policeman come and asked, "Where is the lady?' We told her she was in the restroom. They knocked on the door but nobody opened the door."

Although she didn't respond to the knocks, the officer heard strange noises above his head.

"The officer could actually hear what appeared to be this woman crawling up into the ceiling and moving tile around," Wardlow said.

Police said Kristie was actually in the ceiling and moments later she appeared over a hole of missing tile.

The officer demanded she come down.

Store clerks watched as she climbed down from the cooler.

Back in the vehicle police found several packages with different names and addresses.

In those boxes they found a TV,  laptop, tools and lots of jewelry.

Both were arrested and the alleged crimes didn't end there.

Kristie apparently still wanted to make a getaway.

Wardlow said, "The officer saw that somehow she had been able to slip off one of the handcuff and escaped the car and was running through a nearby parking lot."

Investigators said, even while being booked, the Parsons racked up more charges.

They said Kritsitie was caught trying to hand off meth to Travis.

Investigators learned some of the potential victims' addresses listed on the packages were from Moore.

At least three residents have claimed ownership of some the property.

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