Men hit by car looking for driver on the run

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Two men hit by a moving car when trying to help a woman involved in a hit and run accident are asking for your help.

They are trying to find the man who nearly killed them Monday near Classen Blvd. and 2nd St. downtown.

"I saw my life flash three times," Scott Ziegler said.

A broken arm and bruises are all Ziegler and Tate Smith have to show after being run over by an SUV.

"When the guy hit the gas and you're going that fast, that's the way you feel," Smith said. "You're thinking, 'Am I about to die?'"

The pair stepped in to help a woman whose van was rear-ended by a man right across the street from where the men work.

"It's the right thing to do," Ziegler said. "It's a female and she's in distress and this kid was about to take off. I just knew it."

Turns out, the driver who caused this damage was in a stolen car.

"He jumped in his car and burned rubber to come at us and we didn't have time to go left or right," Ziegler said.

Ironically, this is the second time Ziegler has been hit by a car on the run and he knew to roll onto the hood and hold on.

After half a block, the two were slung to the ground.

"I don't think he would have minded if he killed us," Smith said.

The driver who was rear-ended happens to be a nurse.

She ended up coming to the rescue of the men who were trying to help her.

"She was the first one to get to me and she said, 'Don't move, you're hurt.' She held my neck straight," Ziegler said.

The men still don't know her name.

They didn't get a chance to meet her after the hit-and-run but want to say thank you.

"She was a savior to me," Ziegler said.

As for the man who ran over them, Smith said, "He's dangerous because he has no care, no concern for life."

The stolen car was eventually found less than a mile from the accident site.

If you have any information, call Oklahoma City Police.

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