Intruder steals “holy spirits” from Edmond church

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EDMOND, Okla - Lighthouse Lutheran Church sits on the corner of Boulevard and 3rd St. near downtown Edmond.

Everyone is welcome there.

But church members prefer guests come through the front doors.

One woman told us, "That's like the lowest of the low to break into a religious building."

Earlier this week, a mystery burglar made his way into Lighthouse Lutheran through an unlocked door after hours.

The pastor returned around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to find doors open and lights on.

When he went to investigate, he realized thieves had been in the kitchen.

According to this police report, the intruder rifled through drawers and raided the refrigerator.

According to the police report, "Food had possibly been taken from the fridge," along with "assorted foreign currency" and a least one gallon of "Communal wine" 

Resident Melissa Headdrick said, "Communal wine, really? That's crazy. That is insane. I don't even know what to think about that. I'm speechless."

It's a first for Edmond police.

Investigators said they suspect the crook may have been seeking food and shelter on a cold Oklahoma night.

Edmond Police spokeperson Jenny Monroe told us, "It's most likely just a homeless person. Somebody got inside, obviously they were hungry. They went for the fridge then took wine on the way out."

But church leaders will tell you it's not necessary to steal here.

Regardless of circumstance, all anyone really needs to do it ask because Lighthouse Lutheran Church is the business of giving.

The church is doing inventory to see if anything else was taken and the value of the stolen property.

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