OKC man accused of exploiting elderly grandmother

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man is accused of ripping off his elderly grandmother to the tune of $52,000.

The suspect, Jason Tullis, faces six counts of financial exploitation of the elderly in Oklahoma County.

The alleged victim said she does not feel she’s being victimized; she said she willingly paid her grandson’s bills.

“He sees after me all the time, he does stuff for me,” the alleged victim, Irene Tullis, said.¬† “When I get money, I pay him.”

Yet according to court records, over a year and a half the victim wrote 124 checks that directly benefited Tullis totaling $52,000.

The affidavit states Tullis admitted to being paid by the victim and said, “He saw nothing wrong with letting his grandma pay for his expenses. He stated when he needed money, he just went to grandma.”

“Black and white, it’s very simple,” elderly advocate Wes Bledsoe said. “Have an agreement in place.”

Bledsoe said drawing up a written contract can often avoid criminal charges in these sorts of cases.

“Write an agreement with a clear understanding where the expenses are going and who gets paid for what,” Bledsoe said.

Court records state the victim appeared to “lack mental capacity to the extent she didn’t know how much money she had or how much was spent.”

She said she hopes the criminal charges against her grandson are dropped.

“If he didn’t help me, I’d done be passed away,” the victim said.

DHS, Oklahoma City police and county prosecutors all looked into the case before filing criminal charges this month.

We went to the suspect’s home but someone there shut the door without comment.

The suspect was booked into the Oklahoma County jail but quickly bonded out just a short time later.

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