Bob Moore Chopper 4 pilot glad to be back in action

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It’s good to be back at work. I just finished pre-flighting and running up Chopper 4 making sure nothing broke in the two weeks I was gone.

I’ve been at the American Eurocopter factory course learning to fly a new aircraft that the National Guard will be picking up shortly.

It was fun learning something new but memorizing all new emergency procedures is by far the most important and definitely the least enjoyable of it all.

However, a fully autopilot helicopter is pretty cool to fly, especially in the clouds.

The only hard thing to do is not do anything at all.

As a helicopter pilot, you’re always doing something like hand flying; now the aircraft is doing that for you so fighting the urge to start pushing buttons can be hard.

All in all, I had a blast but so glad to be back at work!

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