Police report reveals witness account of nude mall scuffle

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police released new developments Monday on the mall meltdown News Channel 4 reported last week.

Witness video detailed a Penn Square Mall security guard stripping a woman from the waist down after a group she was with was accused of shoplifting.

In the police report, witnesses said what they saw when the security guard pulled off the woman's pants off in the parking lot.

They said security guards hit one woman, cussed at them and that's not all.

The video shows them trying to get her out of her car and guards pull off her pants.

The woman is so shamed she wouldn't show her face on camera but said she replays that day in her mind.

"It do play back in my head like, 'That was real? That really happened,'" the woman said. "I am still feeling embarrassed and humiliated."

The struggle started when security guards accused Jonaye Stafford and a friend of shoplifting.

They were with the woman who was stripped of her pants.

Last week, moments after the incident, Stafford told us she and her friend did not steal and were leaving like they were told by security.

"You don't have nothing," Stafford said. "You don't have no proof. We already showed you everything in our bag. Whats the point? Leave us alone."

We now know eyewitnesses verify the women's story, telling police the women were showing their open bags to security.

A second witness told police they "saw security walking behind the group as the group went to their car."

The person said "security was cussing at (the women)."

The report states "security broke the rear window and the driver got out of the car. The driver was trying to get back in the car and security was pulling her by the legs and pulled her pants off."

"I was just thinking like, 'I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe the security officers are acting like this,'" the woman said.

Security guards told police they were defending themselves because the driver nearly hit them with her SUV.

However, no eyewitness back that up.

"It would seem the security guards' actions were completely unjustified in treating the victim in the way he did," attorney Ed Blau said. "He may have committed some kind of criminal act, an assault, hitting the vehicle with a weapon of some kind. There could be a crime there, malicious destruction of property."

Blau said there may be an even more serious crime in play.

"If a random person had gone up to a woman in the parking lot and pulled her pants off, that's felony sexual battery," Blau said. "That's something you're arrested for. That's something you're charged for and if you're convicted, you're a registered sex offender for the rest of your life. However, in this particular case, because a security guard did it, it turns into a 'he said, she said' rather than a regular crime."

We emailed the police report to representatives for Penn Square Mall and called them to see what they have to say about the new information.

So far, we haven't received a response.

As of now, no arrests have been made but the woman who was stripped of her pants by mall security tells us she is thinking about suing.

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