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Police: Neighbors failing to report crime

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Midwest City Police are searching for burglars who strike in broad daylight but they've run into an unexpected problem.

They said neighbors witnessed the break-ins but didn't bother to call authorities.

Police said everything from frozen food to appliances were taken.

It wasn't until a washing machine fell out of a truck that a witness called to ask someone to come move it.

Police are now asking everyone to be on the lookout and to pick up the phone.

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said, "The suspects were at the home for 30 minutes, ransacked every bedroom, stole their frozen food and loaded up their washer and dryer."

The crime happened in the middle of the day.

In fact, police said at least three people saw the suspects but no one called until a washer fell off of the truck as the suspects pulled into the street.  

Clabes said, "If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, please call 911 so we can hopefully deter or thwart a crime if it occurred."

BJ Warlick lives in the area where the most recent burglary happened.

She said, "Everybody is kind of watching out for everybody now."

Warlick said she cares about crime nearby but said burglars aren't always noticed.

She said, "(They are) kicking in the back door of homes, opening the garage door, backing their car into the garage and then unloading people's houses."

Clabes said, "People have the mindset, you're only supposed to call if it's an emergency but we encourage people to call if they see any suspicious activity."

They said they are hoping this story will also encourage vigilance among neighbors.

"Get to know your neighbors," Clabes said. "Know your neighbors across the street, next door and behind you because they are your best allies to prevent you or your home from becoming a victim."

Police said even if you are not sure a crime is being committed, it's OK to call 911 and report suspicious activity.

Reporting it will alert police to at least check it out and make sure nothing illegal is going on.