In Your Corner: Salesman tricks senior

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MIDWEST CITY, OKLA. - 83 year-old Norma is still shaken up over the run-in she had with a young traveling door-to-door salesman.

“He was telling me about magazines he was selling to get points and the magazines were then supposed to go to the veterans,” she said.

His pitch tugged at Norma's heart-strings since her late husband was a decorated World War II Navy Veteran.

She says the young kid also sold himself as a struggling student-athlete from OU who was pounding the pavement to pay his way through school.

Norman’s daughter, Cathy, said, “They used the two issues that are important to her, college for kids and Veterans.”

Cathy couldn't believe what she read on the invoice.

It showed her mom spent nearly $800 on subscriptions like Playboy, Maxim, Ebony and Jet.

Cathy said, “When I saw this I knew there was no way she knew what she was buying.”

Plus the magazines weren't even for Veterans in our state.

They were supposedly going to a VA hospital in Connecticut.

Over the years we've reported on a number of scams where companies recruit young people to go door to door selling subscriptions under the guise they're raising money for college tuition, a charity, or trip. 

In each case the invoice looks an awful lot like the one Norma signed.

The company that processed Norma's purchases, Fit For Life Network, hails from Colorado and goes by at least three different names.

We found dozens of complaints online.

A company spokesperson calls those claims baseless and says her sales agents aren't trying to fool anyone. 

Norma finds that hard to believe.

“He knew I was 83 years-old,” she said. “I guess he thought he could talk me into it and he did.

The company has since refunded Norma her money in full, but most aren't so lucky.

Typically with these purchases there's a three-day cancellation window.

The best way to protect yourself and your cash, don't answer the door and if they want to sell you something, tell 'em to take a hike.