Residents feel shakes of quakes in Midwest City

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - A lot of nerves and homes rattled Thursday in Midwest City after two earthquakes.

The first a 3.3, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey, followed a short time later by a 3.2 quake.

Most of the calls we received at Channel 4 came from an area around S. E. 15th St. and Air Depot in Midwest City.

However, the quakes were felt all the way out to Nicoma Park.

Many people spent the morning trying to calm their nerves and figure out if there was any damage to their property.

Midwest City resident Doug Koehler said, "Quiet morning, ready for the NCAA tournament, then there was a loud explosion."

The 911 center operators were flooded with calls.

A little farther east a man named Rex surveyed damage.

Rex said, "My wife was outside and she said the whole outside of the house shook."

A front door latch at his house was broken, a few pictures now hang askew and there's a big separation between the wall and the ceiling in his bathroom.

It's not the first time his house rumbled.

Rex said, "The last one was like a real big boom, this one was like a rattle."

Back in Midwest City, Pelicans Restaurant was just about to open for the lunch crowd.

"First, there was a boom," Owner Jim Dolezel said. "It sounded like a semi backing into the building. The the second happened and it was really loud and you could hear all the bar glasses clinking."

Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries or serious damage, just a community a little shaken up.

Click her for more information on earthquakes from the Okla. Geological Survey.