Two suspects use stun gun to rob multiple victims overnight

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Two people are arrested following a string of robberies in the metro.

The suspects used a taser to attack an unsuspecting victim

The series of crimes took place in less than an hour Wednesday night.

One victim said the attack has left her in pain even the day after.

"When I was trying to open my car, she followed me and attacked me," the victim said.

The victim didn't want to be identified but said she can't forget the feeling of being stunned with the taser from behind in the parking lot of Quail Springs Mall.

"Just a very strong shock, you know when you have electricity, and I just fell down," the victim said.

Just minutes before at a Sonic on N. May Ave., police said two suspects, Derrick and Khayla Wadlington, tried to ambush another victim.

The string of robberies ended at a Sonic on N. Western Ave.

"They were obviously on quite a crime spree pulling robbery after robbery after robbery," Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

Police said at the Sonic on Western, the pair forced the carhop into their car, shocking her nearly 10 times in the head and torso.

"The female was armed with a stun gun or taser and used it numerous times on the victim, eventually taking the cash she had on her," Knight said.

The carhop at the Sonic on May Ave. escaped without being tased but the victim at the mall did have her purse snatched.

Luckily, Oklahoma City police spotted the suspects car and arrested the pair outside a home near Penn. Ave. and N.W. 159th St.

"All my body is painful today," the victim said. "I'm very glad the police found them and took them to the jail."

The suspects were booked into jail on numerous counts of robbery and assault.

They're being held on $200,000 bond each.

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