Crowds gather at Supreme Court for Prop. 8 decision

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WASHINGTON - As the Supreme Court justices listened to oral arguments, people gathered to show their support for, or opposition to, same sex marriage.

Same sex couple's from California are challenging the state's Proposition 8 which was passed in 2008.

It bans same sex marriage and California voters approved the ban.

Challengers argue the 14 Amendment guarantees "equal protection" so defining marriage as only between a man and a woman violates their equal rights.

According to a CNN/ORC poll done just last weekend, the majority of Americans now support gay marriage and more politicians are shifting their stance like Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

“My son came to Jane, my wife and I,” Sen. Portman said. “He told us that he was gay and that launched an interesting process for me which was kind of rethinking my position.”

Could personal experience also play a role during decision time on the bench?

In the audience will be Jean Prodasky of San Francisco.

She's Chief Justice John Roberts' lesbian cousin.

She said she's confident Roberts will do the right thing.

But some supporters of Prop. 8 said voters, not the high court, should decide gay marriage.

For same-sex couples, this comes down to the definition of marriage and having the same rights under the law heterosexual couples.

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