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Student brings gun, swords to high school

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Students at Putnam City North were shocked at the discovery of a loaded gun on campus.

Police arrested a 10th grader after a student saw a handgun in his backpack.

"It's kind of freaked me out a little, I mean to let a kid come into the school with guns in the first place is just not right at all," 9th grader Zachery Birney said.

"The handgun had one bullet in it," Steve Lindley said, Communications Director for Putnam City Schools. "The student also had two other cartridges neither one was full but there is a total of 20 rounds."

Also inside the book bag, administrators say, two 8-inch ceremonial swords and a small knife.

They say he also hid explosive materials on campus.

"Later on, underneath a drainage area in a crate they found a bottle of lantern oil a sock soaked in the oil, a fuse and some fireworks," Lindley said.

Birney was picked up by his uncle who was an administrator for California schools for 42 years.

"It's time to go into real deep control with our young people because there is something wrong," Lonnie Stearns said.

He has some ideas that would curb school violence and potentially dangerous situations like this from happening.

"We should have very strict controls on backpacks, we should have them anymore as well as lockers or anything that they can hide stuff in."

School administrators said they don't believe the student planned to harm anyone.

No word yet on what charges the 10th grader may face.