In Your Corner: Widow sued for someone else’s debt

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Susan Claunch called our In Your Corner hotline in a panic.

“I could possibly lose everything I got, my home, for someone else’s debt,” she said.

Court records show JPMorgan Chase Bank is suing Susan, her dead husband, and their daughter for debt tied to a foreclosure property on Partridge Lane in Blanchard.

Another couple, with the last name Combs, is also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

They actually own the property, not Susan!

“I don't know them. I've never known them,” Susan said. “If I could afford a $200,000 home I wouldn't be living in a trailer.”

Susan's trailer sits about half a mile from the foreclosure property.

We took her to see it for the first time.

The Combs weren't home.

“Who do I contact and what do I do if they do get to sue me and i'm responsible for $200,000,” Susan said. “It's overwhelming and nobody would listen other than you all.”

Our next stop was the McClain County Clerk's Office, where all property records are filed.

We sifted through pages of records until we found the property in question.

Turns out Susan Claunch and her husband did in fact own it at one time, but the property was sold and later developed.

Somehow though, the Claunch's names remain on the deed all these years later.

We asked JPMorgan Chase's spokesman, Greg Hassell, to investigate the matter further.

He said, "We are not seeking to claim any money from [Susan Claunch] or her family.”

The bank's only interested in correcting the property's deed. 

JP Morgan assures us it is doing everything in its power to remove the Claunch name from the title-deed.

We’ll let you know when that happens.

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