Tulsa dentist victim speaks to KFOR

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The Oklahoma State Dentistry Board says about seven thousand patients treated by Dr. W. Scott Harrington are at risk of potentially having HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.

News Channel 4 spoke exclusively with one of those patients. "I went to the dentist about 9-10 years ago to have my four wisdom teeth pulled out," said the woman.

We are not revealing her identity because she works at a school and doesn't want to alarm parents before knowing her status.

"The concern is that I had no red flags. Just the idea that you put your trust in someone and you go into an environment that you assume is safe and clean and it turns out to not be the case is shocking."

This mother was treated at the Owasso office. "It was a lovely brick building with leather interior, lovely tables it had nothing that concerned me and nothing I saw that was unclean."

So far one patient has already been diagnosed with HIV and that causes concern for her and the other thousands of patients.

"Especially with the hepatitis C that you don't always have symptoms and you can have it for 20 years and not know," she said.

Harrington has not publicly commented on these egregious allegations-- but this woman describes his demeanor years ago when she he removed her wisdom teeth.

"He was great he was very personable, I think I remember he was so attractive and friendly."

In addition to facing criminal charges---Harrington is likely to have multiple lawsuits.

"Infliction of emotional distress may be a lawsuit even if they test negative. Obviously anyone who test positive and we hope they don't but anyone who does test positive clearly has a malpractice case," said attorney David Slane.

The State Dentistry Board says they have turned in the blood samples they've already received to the CDC and they expect to have those results the middle of next week.

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