Drivers cautious on deadly stretch of roadway

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police still have not released the names of two people killed in two separate accidents on Lake Stanley Draper Dr. Friday.

The first crash happened Friday afternoon when two 17-year-old boys crashed near 104th St. and Lake Stanley Draper Dr.

Police said the passenger wasn't wearing his seat belt and died; the driver survived.

Just 15 minutes later, a 49-year-old woman was killed when she crashed her motorcycle just one mile and a half from the scene of the teens' crash.

Paramedics are now warning drivers to be cautious because as weather warms, more drivers will be on the scenic route. That could make the road more dangerous.

The winding roads is what draws motorcyclists David Dilback to the lake.

"It's just a nice, peaceful, nice, easy drive," Dilback said.

However, a dozen teens gathered to remember their 17-year-old friend Saturday and other memorials dot the roadway, a reminder that several people have died there.

"You get a sinking feeling in your gut," Dilback said.

Paramedics said they get that same feeling.

"You sometimes flash back to calls when you're in certain areas. So you're always thinking about that," EMSA Field Operations Supervisor, Colin Roy, said

He hopes the tragedies are a reminder to motorists to be safe when hitting the winding, scenic roads.

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