Edmond man arrested for tattooing minors

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EDMOND, Okla. – An Edmond man is facing serious charges after investigators said he tattooed a 15-year-old girl.

Ambrosia Thomas, 32, also known as A.J. Holman, was arrested Tuesday for tattooing a child under 18.

According to police, three Guthrie teens got a tattoo from him after telling their parents they were going to the movies.

Instead, investigators said they went Thomas’s home.

One 15-year-old girl ended up paying him $20 bucks for a tattoo saying, Y.O.L.O., meaning “You only live once.” yolo tattoo

The teen’s parents were stunned, saying she is usually straight A student and follows rules.

The 15-year-old girl said the man didn’t ask her age until he was halfway into the tattoo.

“Someone that’s gong to touch a minor like that, they’re a scum bag,” Tisha King said. “It’s wrong. It’s illegal. It’s unethical.”

King owns Atomic Lotus Tattoo Shop.

Complete with a bio-hazard room and sanitation products, her business looks more like a doctor’s clinic.

Hearing of anything less, scares her.

“If you are tattooing out of a hotel room or a house, you don’t understand cross contamination,” King said. “You do not fear hepatitis and you’re a danger to everyone you come in contact with and everyone that is in your kitchen.”

Her artists can spend nearly half an hour sanitizing a room before a tattoo.

“I like to bag everything that way it keeps my equipment clean and keeps the customer clean,” tattoo artist Kim Marks said.

Illnesses aside, King said all artists should know it’s illegal to tattoo minors.

“No questions asked,” King said. “Even if their mom is here.”

Online, Thomas’s business goes by the name Unrivaled Ink.

However, there is no address or contact information on the site.

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