In Your Corner: Pizza charges create confusion

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EDMOND, OKLA. - Brian Koons thought his checking account had been hacked.

“I was at home, day off,” he said. “My wife woke me up and said 'Hey, what you do yesterday?  There [are] all these pizza charges.’”

In all, there are 18 separate charges on the Koons' bank statement.  

“[They're over] a two day period, totaling over $470,” Brian said.

The couple’s bank flagged their account, cancelled Brian’s debit card, then traced the charges back to the Mazzio's delivery storefront off North Santa Fe in Edmond.

Brian admits he's a regular customer there, but says there's no way he and his wife put away $500 worth of pizza in two days!   

He said, “The first thing I thought is I was a victim of some sort of fraud or something.”

Here's the thing. It's likely Brian did purchase all that pizza, just not recently!

The In Your Corner team has confirmed, late last year, a third party company installed a new credit card processing system at the Mazzio's Franchise.

A technical glitch with that program caused a delay with the majority of credit and debit card purchases.

The transactions were authorized, just not immediately settled.  

Then last week when the issue was identified and corrected, 8 months-worth of transactions we’re finally settled, hitting customer accounts all at once!

Yes it’s frustrating and inconvenient, but it doesn't appear anyone was charged more than they owe.

“I'll pay what I owe, but prove to me they're mine,” Brian said.

Franchise ownership put together a letter notifying customers of the problem.

We know this is a localized problem with a single store.

No other Mazzio's locations have had any issues with their card processing. 

While the card payments were finally settled, there's still a chance some financial institutions may not process all the transactions, since so much time has passed.

In that case it would be up to Mazzio’s to collect payment from those customers.

Here’s the in your corner bottom line. Treat your credit card like your checkbook. You need to balance both regularly.

Mazzio's tells Scott they have a list of names and accounts are workign to satisfy each customer on a case by case basis. Customers with questions about their account can contact the franchisee's corporate headquarters in Prague, Oklahoma:

  Mazzio's LLC Response:

    I am writing to provide perspective on the credit card issue related to the Mazzio’s Delivery location in Edmond.  The Edmond Delivery and Carryout location is owned and operated by a very successful franchisee that has been in our system for over 30 years.

     For approximately six months or so, orders have been taken and filled by Mazzio’s and many of the   payments for those delivery and carryout orders were made via credit or debit card.  Those charges were then sent electronically each night to Chase Paymentech, the credit card processor for the Edmond location.  From Chase Paymentech, they should have been sent to each cardholder’s bank for debits to their accounts and then the funds should have been credited to the Edmond Mazzio’s account at their bank.


     The nightly charges were not being accepted at Chase due to a change in the information Chase requires.  However, the Mazzio’s franchisee was unaware the required information had changed so no customers were charged for their orders.  In recent weeks, the issue came to light, was investigated and  corrected.  With the corrections made, the legitimate charges for food purchased were then sent through to individual accounts.


     Now that those account transactions are processing as they should have been, a small number of customers have reacted to the delayed charges to their account.  They thought they were either being charged for food they had not ordered or double charged for past orders.  We completely understand their concerns.  Our franchisee has a list of all the delayed charges recently processed by customer name and account.  They are handling each call they receive personally and are explaining what has happened.


     If a customer of the Edmond Mazzio’s delivery location on Santa Fe Avenue has a question about their account, they should contact Classic Pizza LLC in writing at 906 W. Parkland Street, PO Box 547, Prague, OK  74864.  The franchisee has guaranteed they will handle each inquiry and respond accordingly to satisfy those customers.


     Thanks for your help in this matter.



 Gregory R. Lippert

President and CEO

Mazzio’s LLC, Tulsa, OK