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Council asking for sprinkler system crackdown

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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. - Rain or shire you often see sprinklers running.

Now Nichols Hills is trying to make sure that doesn't happen in rain or a deep freeze.

The City Council has approved a water conservation measure that deals with sprinklers.

The Mayor, Peter Hoffman, said that the Council has asked the city staff and city attorney to write an ordinance that would require new sprinklers to have rain and freeze sensors.

"You have rain and freeze systems on your sprinklers that automatically cause them to stop watering when in fact there is water or a deep freeze," he said. "A lot of the guesswork out of when to water your yard or not to."

New systems would also require a permit.

Older systems that operate during questionable weather would trigger some notice.

Hoffman said homeowners would be asked to turn them off.

Older systems that are fixed or updated would be required to get a permit and have sensors added.

The permit would be a small fee.

Sensors are around $200 to $400 dollars.