Man hides in attic while fleeing police

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Henry Love, 28, hid in the attic of an apartment building while fleeing from Oklahoma City Police after originally being pulled over for expired registration over the weekend.

Love was hiding in the attic right above the bedroom of Miko Scott’s little girl.

“She was scared she heard the noise above her room,” Scott said. “He could have easily just opened her attic room and if anything would have happened to my daughter.”

The Scotts weren’t the only one worried about the manhunt.

“The deputies are going into a very dark attic,” Mark Myers with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said. “They don’t know who is up there if that person is armed. Obviously, it can be a very dangerous situation.”

Love first ran from police after a deputy pulled him over for an expired license plate.

Investigators ended up arresting him for having a controlled dangerous substance in his possession but that’s not all.

“It was determined Oklahoma City Police are looking at him for a felony case they are investigating,” Myers said.

Police won’t say what that felony case is until they have time to question Love but Oklahoma City Police said it is a serious crime.

“When they brought him out, he was just really mean looking and he was giving attitude to the cops,” Myers said.

Whatever Love was running from, the child’s mother wishes he would have hid somewhere else.

“It was in my home…if anything happened to her she’s my only daughter.”