Worker escapes gas line explosion with life

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Officials have released new details on the natural gas explosion that rocked rural Logan County Thursday night.

Three families evacuated their homes and firefighters said one employee narrowly escaped the blaze.

The fire was still burning 24 hours later.

"Whenever it went off, I felt it in the house," William Savory said. "I felt it shake. I told my wife, 'Did you feel that?'"

One mile from Savory's home, DCP Mainstream's natural gas compressor station was in flames.

Firefighters said an employee was blowing off excess pressure built up in the gas line when it exploded.

The man ran for his life.

The shell of his truck sitting near the pipe is evidence of just how close to death he was; it's incredible he survived.

"He didn't have a scratch on him but you could tell he was shook up pretty bad," Savory said.

Still, he went from home to home warning others of the danger.

When the complex was on fire, it was so dangerous, firefighters couldn't even get close.

They had to stay two miles down this road for two hours just watching it burn.

"You feel kind of helpless but knowing the nature of gas and petroleum industry, sometimes it's what you have to do is let it burn off," Fire Chief Eric Harlow said.

Once the gas died down, fire crews were able to go in and fight the flames that engulfed the employee's truck and surrounding trees.

Now Savory looks back, thankful the worker he's come to know in his neighborhood is alive.

"The good Lord was watching over him, you know," Savory said.